# OpenRouter

Don't have access to OpenAI / Claude APIs due to geolocking or waitlists? Use OpenRouter.

OpenRouter works by letting you use keys they own to access models like GPT-4 and Claude 2, all in one service with a shared credit pool.

It has a free trial (about $1) and paid access afterward. No subscription or monthly bill - you pay for what you actually use. Some models have free access with a limited context size.


From top to down (see image above):

  1. Select 'Chat Completion' API
  2. Select OpenRouter source
  3. Click "Authorize" to get a key using OAuth flow. Alternatively, generate an API key here and paste it into the box.
  4. Click "Connect" and select a model
  5. (Optional) Use the "Test Message" button to verify your connection

# WindowAI

WindowAI is a browser extension by the makers of OpenRouter that allows control of your OpenRouter connection for any enabled site or web app.

You can also use your own Claude and OpenAI API keys there.