# Mancer

Mancer is a large language model inferencing service that lets you run whatever prompts you want and doesn't censor responses. Most of the models require a preloaded balance to start chatting, but there is a free model as of writing (2/27/2024).

# How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for an account at mancer.tech.
  2. Click on Dashboard and copy your API Key.

Mancer dashboard as of 2/27/2024
Mancer dashboard as of 2/27/2024

  1. In SillyTavern, select the Text Completion API, and then select Mancer under API Type.
  2. Enter your Mancer API Key and click Connect.


You should now be able to chat with any Mancer model of your choice.

# Anonymous Logging

If you don't mind your chats potentially being used to train models, improve Mancer's service, publish datasets, or whatever else they may decide to do with it, you can opt-in to anonymous logging for a 25% token discount on select models. Simply go to your Mancer dashboard and tick Enable Anon. Logging.

# Support

Still need help? Head over to the #mancer support channel on the SillyTavern Discord.