# KoboldAI

# Basic Settings

Standard KoboldAI settings files are used here. To add your own settings, simply add the file .settings in SillyTavern\public\KoboldAI Settings

# Soft Prompts

Soft Prompts allow you to customize the style and behavior of your AI.

They are created by training the AI with a special type of prompt using a collection of input data. Experimenting with different soft prompts can lead to exciting and unique results. The most successful soft prompts are those that align the AI's output with a literary genre, fictional universe, or the style of a particular author.

# Common Misconceptions

  • Soft prompts do not provide new information to the model, but can effectively influence the model's tone, word choice, and formatting.
  • Soft prompts are not a means of compressing a full prompt into a limited token space. Instead, they provide a way to guide the language model's output through data in the context.