# Slash commands

  • /help – displays this help message (aliases: /?)
  • /name (name) – sets user name and persona avatar (if set) (aliases: /persona)
  • /sync – syncs user name in user-attributed messages in the current chat
  • /bind – binds/unbinds a persona (name and avatar) to the current chat
  • /bg (filename) – sets a background according to the filename, partial names allowed, will set the first one alphabetically if multiple files begin with the provided argument string (aliases: /background)
  • /sendas – sends a message as a specific character.


/sendas Chloe
Hello, guys!
will send "Hello, guys!" from "Chloe".
Uses character avatar if it exists in the characters list.
  • /sys (text) – sends message as a system narrator
  • /sysname (name) – sets a name for future system narrator messages in this chat (display only). Default: System. Leave empty to reset.
  • /note (text) – sets an author's note for the currently selected chat
  • /depth (number) – sets an author's note depth for in-chat positioning
  • /freq (number) – sets an author's note insertion frequency (aliases: /interval)
  • /pos (chat or scenario) – sets an author's note position (aliases: /position)
  • /roll (dice formula) – roll the dice. For example, /roll 2d6 (aliases: /r)
  • /taskcheck – checks if the current task is completed
  • /lock – locks a background for the currently selected chat
  • /unlock – unlocks a background for the currently selected chat
  • /autobg – automatically changes the background based on the chat context (aliases: /bgauto)
  • /sd (argument) – requests SD to make an image. Supported arguments:
you – AI character full body selfie
face – AI character face-only selfie
me – user character full body selfie
scene – visual recap of the whole chat scenario
last – visual recap of the last chat message
raw_last – visual recap of the last chat message with no summary

Anything else would trigger a "free mode" to make SD generate whatever you prompted. example: '/sd apple tree' would generate a picture of an apple tree.