# Running Extras via Colab

Instructions to run the SillyTavern Extras Colab.

  • Open the Official Extras Colab
  • Select the desired "Extra" options
  • select use_cpu to run Extras without requiring GPU credit
    • this will make Stable Diffusion slower, but everything else will run normally
  • Not required, but recommended: select the secure option to generate the API key to protect your shared instance.
  • Click the Start button on the left (looks like a triangle 'play' button)
  • Wait for it to finish loading everything
  • Look for the trycloudflare.com link at the bottom of the output. Ignore the localhost link, it won't work (we tried!).
  • It will start with the text Running on
  • Copy the API URL link that is listed under that line. (DO NOT copy the 'localhost' URL, use the other one)
  • Start SillyTavern with extensions support: (set enableExtensions to true in your config.yaml if necessary)
  • Navigate to SillyTavern's Extensions menu (click the 'stacked blocks' icon at the top of the page).
  • Paste the API URL into the box at the top. (NOT the API Key box)
  • If you have NOT enabled the secure option, make sure the API Key box is completely empty when using the official colab.
  • If you have enabled the secure option, paste the generated API key into the API Key box.
  • API key will appear in the colab's console output, for example: Your API key is fee2f3f559
  • Click "Connect"